Established in 2019, Rogue Foods is Australia's first dedicated plant based meat processor that has full extrusion capability. Top of mind for this facility was product integrity where we only process plant based products which is very important when marketed as Vegan.

Rogue’s success in the creation of high quality plant based foods comes from over 40 years in the field of meat manufacturing and determination to always be best in class. Rogue Foods was founded by a family of butchers and when we say meat analogues must taste and eat like meat, we know what we’re talking about!

Rogue’s equipment provides our customers with numerous production options and formats. For a number of reasons, Plant Based meat will become a larger percentage of Australians protein intake and we’ve invested early on it.

Our processing knowledge in conjunction with our dedicated Product Development team is a recipe for success and we are a trusted co-manufacturer for brands such as Nestle and Coles.

Benefits of Rogue Foods products

Plant Based

High Protein

High Fibre


Gluten Free


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